JIFF 2018 would open with the Film Angrezi Me Kahte Hain at Golcha Cinema Jaipur


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The Jaipur International Film Festival – JIFF which is now considered a part of the most prominent film festivals of the world has announced Opening and Closing film yesterday ie on Tuesday. 

Opening Hindi film from India, says in English (Bollywood)

Directed by HARISH VYAS, says in English this a story Excluded Middle – aged mind, who makes attempts to win his wife’S HEART. It’s interesting to see an old man doing varied amusing things to woo his wife, which are often done by young men! Starring brilliant actors like SANJAY MISHRA and PANKAJ TRIPATHI, it would be the CURTAIN RAIZER of JIFF 2018 on January 6 th at 5:00 pm at Golcha Cinema.

Closing English film from Usha Lies WE TELL FROM (Hollywood)

Lies We Tell would be the Closing Film of JIFF 2018. It would be shown on 10 th January at 6 PM. Lies We Tell is an English Hollywood Film; which centres on a Driver, dealing somehow with his dead Boss’s Muslim mistress and her darkened Past Truths! Avidently, it seems to be a gripping Drama / thriller, directed by Mitu Misra and Starrer: Daniel Gulliver, Harvey Keitel, Gabriel Byrne & Sibylla Deen.


Festival will be held in Jaipur from 6 to 10 January, 2018.


Ziff rise curtain call in English in 2018 and fall curtain Laijh V Tail

Jaipur: In the first opening of the biggest film festival in Jaipur International Film Festival – Ziff evening on January 6 will be from 5 pm Golchha cinema. As Ziff 2018 opening film from India Bollywood has decided to say in English and closing the film as the film Laijh V tail adorned with Hollywood star cast from the US. Rise curtain of the first film where the opening of Ziff then fall curtain closing the second film. Will be shown during the 136 films in the five-day film festival and 20 workshops, Seminrs, will organize activities involving Sinpojiam and art.


Says English has 105 minutes of Hindi Dayrekson Harish diameter of the feature film. Famous actor Sanjay Mishra, Akvli Khanna its star cast, Pankaj Treepati, Brjendra art and Anshuman Jha.


The film screening will be on January 6 evening in Tivoli Hall 5 pm Golchha cinema.


The film is in love with his wife back after passing a period of a person’s story honestly Yashwant Batra name and does it every time I’m Mnautiyan. It has also Batra’s daughter and her Jnwai. Overall we are living today life. Work are hinge so forget the time busy wife, what happens after all these story says in English … this film will force the tickler laugh cry many times viewers. Message not complete fun and really the story of a great relationship with the film.


Closing film of the festival Laijh V Tail 110 minutes has English feature film Dayrekson mitu Mishra. The star cast of the famous Daniel Gulliver Hollywood, Harvey Kiitel, Gbrel is Byren and Sibyla Dean.


The film screening will be on January 10 evening at Tivoli Hall 6 pm Golchha cinema.


The film’s story revolves around a reliable driver who must deal with his dead master’s Muslim mistress,history of its dark past it pushes toward life and death. With his notorious gangster cousin / former spouse.


Function Deligets on Ziff’s website to participate in the registration Open www.jiffindia.org     is. January 6 will be open registration on Golchha cinema.

Ziff held in 2018 will Golchha cinema and Manipal University from January 6 to 10.

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