US, Russia, Syria, China, Iran, Afghanistan, amongst 20+ countries participating in IIT Bombay’s Techfest competitions


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Over the years the Techfest, IIT Bombay has branched out its reach into international territories and International Competitions, with their huge scale, attract numerous foreign participants thus sky-rocketing the level of competitions. The result is a win-win situation for everyone, the participants who get to interact with some of the best teams around the globe and such participation calls for technological, innovative and economical revamps to their models which only adds to the audience’s experience.

International Robotics Challenge (IRC) –Tech enthusiasts from war-torn countries like Syria selected for final round at Techfest. IRC is a contest which asks for utmost expertise in many technological aspects like wireless computer interface, image processing, line following mechanism etc.The principle aim of the competition is development of two bots: one autonomous and manual. But the real challenge lies in the task of installing appropriate provision for the bots to coordinate and communicate to finish the task.With prize money of INR 3,00,000 it has attracted teams from countries like Syria, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal and Egypt.

International Robowars :Russia, China, Brazil, India to battle for supremacy in India’s largest robowars arenaThe scale being enhanced manifold from the previous editions, the sprawling arena of Robowars of dimensions 24ft x 24ft x 12ft boasts of being the largest in India. It has seen more than 300 registrations including other old IITs and 20+ international registrations. Out of which 40 Indian and 8 international bots have been selected for further rounds. Weight categories include 120 lbs. and 30 lbs.The huge prize money of INR 10,00,000 has been successful in attracting International attention like never and so teams from China, Russia, Brazil & Bangladesh are participating apart from various Indian cities.

International Sustainability Challenge(ISC):Entries from Iran and Afghanistan show promise to overcome agricultural challenges.Agriculture and allied sectors contribute approximately 18 % to the GDP and constitute more than 50 % of the labor force in India. To bring in focus the rural problems and solutions, ISC, supported by CEEW, will be a platform to get solutions implemented by bringing concerned authorities and students together.It has attracted international participants from Afghanistan and Iran with prize money of  INR 2, 00,000.

Techfest World Model United Nations (TWMUN) elegates from Afghanistan, US, etc to voice their opinions on pressing agendas.        Every person holds beneath the outer plastic smile, layers and layers of thoughts which are ready to burst out to capture the world’s imagination. Provide them a platform and watch their revolutionary ideas influence the masses.TWMUN is aimed to foster the skills of diplomacy, leadership and give the 520 delegates an exciting debating atmosphere in the field of world politics. This is apart from the opportunity for the delegates to interact, exchange and understands the thinking process from countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Italy and the US

Techfest, whenever this term resonates in the ears brings about an image of utmost respect, sanctity and credibility. The journey to this altar of being the Largest Sci-Tech College Festival in Asia commenced back in 1998 and exponential growth has hence been a marked constant throughout. Techfest, IIT Bombay has got patronization from reputed bodies like UNESCO, MAKE IN INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA, CEE and SAYEN Last edition got a saw a footfall of 1,60,000

Techfest runs from 29th to 31st December 2017

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