Tiger Zinda Hai: YRF does a Hollywood with a blockbuster franchise…


By K. Ashwin Mob: 09920183006 Email: indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

Finally, an Indian origin production house making films for the global Indian has emulated Hollywood and created a super-duper franchise – Tiger Zinda Hai is testimony to that! Kudos to Yash Raj Films – the numero uno production house is back with a bang and so is the superstar with this inimitable action avatar after all the sentimental snooze!

The Salman Khan starrer produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar has all the ingredients of popular franchisees such as Fast & Furious or Ocean’s Eleven or James Bond or even the series of Marvel heroes. Girish Karnad’s quirky Shenoy matches ‘M’ of Bond fame – he even makes it to from Delhi to White House in Washington and back in a jiffy in the midst of intense crisis.

What make Tiger an amazing franchise (Crouching Tiger…) with endless possibilities are the production values, the larger than life central character, fringe characters that one wants to see more and more off and ingredients that fans crave for in the right measure! Ali Abbas Zafar – take a bow!

The film is lavishly mounted in the Middle East and Indians are rubbing shoulders with Americans, Iranis, Iraqis, ISIS, Pakistanis, all and sundry! Hollywood films reiterate and reemphasize how Americans save the world (imagine they even showed how Wonder Woman stopped World War I). Bollywood has now gone one step ahead and showed that Americans too need Hindi film superstars to fight their battles in the Middle East. The plot straddles exotic global locations (Europe and Asia) just as a Hollywood franchise would – finally a true crossover film that will appeal to the diaspora and beyond.

Tiger Salman’s crack team comprising Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal, Kumud Mishra, Angad Bedi, Gavie Chahal, Paresh Pahuja (why did he have to sacrifice his life?)and Danish Bhatt amongst others has all the makings that one would like to see again and again. One hopes that a Chinese or Oriental character is added to the team in the next film. And of course, audiences don’t even rue the lack of songs given the kick-ass action – imagine a YRF film starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif without songs. Call it the Hollywood franchise effect!

And the heroine matches the hero step by step, fist by fist, kick by kick! Paresh Rawal in his inimitable style says it all with his incredulous expression when he asks …”Yeh bhabhi hai?” Truly and finally empowerment for women in Hindi cinema!

For a moment in a tense climax, it looks as if Katrina Kaif would not be part of the third franchise film but then the last sequence in Greece and the ‘Swag’ song in the end bring cheer and hope on Christmas eve! Katrina Kaif is in superb form and matches/ surpasses Hollywood actresses in several action sequences such as the City Hall scene and the shop heist sequence.

Salman Khan does everything that fans expect of him – showcases swag and sophisticated style, rescues children, Americans, Indian and Pakistani women; fights with a pack of wolves without killing them; blazes with a bazooka a la Arnold Schwarzenegger; scampers across in a street chase on his feet and then drives between narrow lanes in a battered car; rides a desert bike across the dunes and also a horse racing faster than desert mean machines; wears killer glares; and neck scarves a la Dev Anand; ensures that more cars skyrocket in the air and fall over his head than those in an average Rohit Shetty film; a-ha – takes off his shirt and shows off a perfectly photo-shopped body; preaches about patriotism; unites India and Pakistan for a common goal; inspires, perspires and even saves Katrina Kaif in the face of intense doom and gloom in the finale. Initially, he is seen dozing off in exhaustion after day-long romancing of Katrina Kaif in sheer style and aplomb but action never tires him. Tiger shows his human side by getting wounded and becomes more dangerous than ever before! The writing is on the wall – Salman finds romance tiring but action makes him go on endlessly. As Paresh Rawal chides Salman Khan in the film – “Shaadi mein aaya kya – ghoonghat hata…” Watch this space as Tiger Phir Aa Raha Hai with action unlimited!


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