Prof. Gita Gopinath to address Exim Bank’s 33rd Commencement Day Annual Lecture on Thursday, 21st December, 2017


By Vivek K Mobile: 09920183006

Export-Import (Exim) Bank of India is organizing its 33rd Commencement Day Annual Lecture on Thursday, 21st December, 2017 in Mumbai. This year, the topic of the lecture is “Dollar Dominance in Trade: Facts and Implications” and the lecture will be delivered by Prof. Gita Gopinath, professor of international studies and economics at Harvard University and the economic advisor to the Chief Minister of Kerala.


The title of the her lecture “Dollar Dominance in Trade: Facts & Implications” is very relevant in today’s global trade considering the fact that US Dollar has seen  remarkable growth in international trade and finance over the last four decades that changed economics and politics. The global financial crisis over the last decade has challenged several of the existing paradigms in economics.

Prof. Gita Gopinath is professor of international studies and economics at Harvard University. She is also a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and a research associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), for the programs in Economic Fluctuations and Growth, International Finance and Macroeconomics, and Monetary Economics. Before joining the Harvard economics department in 2005 as an assistant professor, she taught at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.


Exim Bank initiated the annual lecture series in 1986 and each year an eminent expert or an opinion maker is invited to deliver a lecture on a theme related to contemporary developments in the Indian and global economy. The annual lecture series seeks to inform, promote and also contribute to the ongoing debate on globalization among discerning intelligentsia. Over the years, with the encouragement and support from the distinguished members of the business community, academia and other sections of the society, Exim Bank’s annual lecture series has earned recognition as an important milestone in the public life of Mumbai.



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