America’s favorite grill & bar Chili’s now open in Lower Parel


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In the maze of restaurants found in Mumbai, you would surely be found scratching your head looking at all the options. Well, before you begin to hog, on yet another average funky meal, look south, where Chili’s American Grill & Bar is bringing the tex-mex experience to Lower Parel by introducing a new restaurant at High Street Phoenix Mall along with the much awaited – ‘Around the world in 7 Margaritas’.



What to look out for at the new restaurant?





It’s in Lower Parel-Palladium!

Tex-Mex appetizers & light bites along with soup, chili and salads

Margaritas from around the world (don’t believe us? Come try it out)

The flatbreads, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos and guacamole

Crunchy craft burgers and saucy handhelds

The famous baby back ribs and juicy steaks

Premium mocktails and bottomless beverages

Chili’s legendary Molten Chocolate Cake

And obviously the Chili!

What is the Around the world in 7 Margaritas?

The best remedy from Down Under to beat the heat! Pomegranate & Mint margarita, with freshly pressed pomegranate syrup and fresh mint mixed with grenadine, Don Angel tequila, triple sec and Chili’s signature sweet & sour mix is what we have got from the land of Australia.

Signore and Senorita, come enjoy our special Coffee-rita which has Espresso powder, patron XO café, Don Angel Tequila and a dash of Caramel syrup.

· A concoction, hand shaken with fresh curry leaves syrup mixed with Chili’s signature sweet & sour mix, triple sec and Don Angel Tequila muddled together to make the sourest Margarita ever- Sour Curry Margarita! It’s time for Africa.



· Namaste India! The intoxicating flavors of saffron mixed with Don Angel Tequila and Chili’s signature sweet & sour mix is something you can’t give a miss. Try our Sweet Saffron Margarita on your next visit!


· Flavors from the far-east mingle with flavors from the west to make this spicy Margarita. Soy and chili sauce mixed with Don Angel Tequila and sweet & sour mix is a combination that only a few can resist. Next time you visit do call for Umami Soy Margarita.


After scouting the southern streets of the State, Chili’s brings to you its classic flavors of BBQ and Bacon to create savory Margarita prepared with sweet and sour mixture flavored with Don Angel tequila.


Whether it’s Cinco De Mayo or just a typical Wednesday, Guac-a-moly is one drink that you just can’t give a miss. Muddled avocados with Don Angel Tequila, sweet & sour mix, triple sec and hibiscus tea – THAT is what awaits the Mexican in you!


Waffles and Ice Cream

As Ned Stark would say, ‘Winter Is Coming’ and as usual, Jon Snow would like you to be ready when it comes! Chili’s American Grill & Bar vows to warm you up this winter. So drive yourself to Lower Parel and fuse into the 7 Margaritas flavors at Chili’s American Grill & Bar which opens door to its new outlet at High Street Phoenix Lower Parel on 4th December 2017.


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