GICLM launches its scholarship program


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Garodia International Center for Learning Mumbai (GICLM) has launched its IB, IGCSE and Secondary scholarship program for students across all boards. GICLM will award 20 students with proficient academic, sport and art acumen, a chance to broaden their horizons and study at the recently launched IB school GICLM. Based on their performance and profiles a panel of judges will review their applications and will offer full, half and partial fee waivers to these deserving students. The scholarship will be renewed annually after review on the basis of high-level attainment and contribution over the year.


Mr. Ian Davies, Head of School for Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai (GICLM) purports, “We consider this program as a launch pad for future leaders. Every child has the right to a quality education at a quality institution; especially those that show exceptional ability but are held back due to financial constraints. It is a matter of great prestige to introduce this scholarship and reiterates our belief in the potential of all children. We urge all parents across the city to take advantage of this scholarship that is a first of its kind in the central suburbs.”


Once the candidate creates their profile and submits the relevant documents, a test is conducted to further shortlist the candidates. Subsequently, the shortlisted candidates will appear for one-on-one interviews and group discussions. Those candidates that get through the next round will be put to the final test by a select committee that will score the candidates on 5 significant areas namely: Intellectual ability, personal attributes, social engagement, sporting abilities and aesthetical and artistic abilities. The school will then award the scholars as per their advice.


The applications will be accepted till 30 November 2017. Announcement of winners will be made on Monday 18 December2017.


Opening date: 06/11/2017


Closing date: 30/11/2017


About Garodia International Centre for Learning (GICLM):


In a world that is rapidly doing away with boundaries, India needs more centres of global excellence to equip its students to take their spot on the world stage. It needs structured, dynamic, and carefully-planned teaching at every level of the school structure.

GICLM, the new international institute by Garodia Education offers classes from the Early Years to High School. Garodia Education discourages students from relying on external tuitions. To that end, they plan their learning engagements so that concepts are taught and reinforced at school itself. Mock exams and practice sheets are given regularly to the students so that they learn well and find it easy to keep up with their academics.

GICLM doesn’t only focus on academics but has special attention towards life skills, entrepreneurship, art philosophy and also athletics. The LEGO Education Innovation Studio, visual art and design studios, learning centre, etc. are some of the many facilities at GICLM.

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