Fitness Feature Request: #Stopgymdonations from a gym owner gives birth to TrainMe that launches Kynamax


By K Ashwin Mobile: 09920183006

There are clearly two types of people in the fitness industry. Those who workout regularly and those who aspire to become the former. For various reasons, be it traffic, laziness, inconvenience, costs – adapting a fitness routine is always a worry.


This is not uncommon and even to Mr. Ramesh Gajria, Owner of TrainMe. Being in the fitness industry running franchise ofGold Gyms and owing Transform Gyms in the city – he started with a campaign on #stopgymdonations that clearly highlights that people pay and don’t turn up.


Earlier this year is when he started to answer to the problem and bring fitness closer to audience. TrainMe was born clearly out need that Mr. Ramesh identified on current problems that exist of people paying for fitness and not turning up.



  • Mobile application that addresses every Mumbaikar’s biggest challenges – time and accessibility – to follow the path to a fitter self.
  • TrainMe will bring the fitness trainer at half an hour’s notice at a time and place of the customer’s convenience, thus making fitness more accessible than ever before and that too under the customised and personal tutelage of trained experts. Flexibility is the keyword for this fitness application – pun intended.


So, no more of the ‘When do I take time out for this?’ or ‘Personal Trainers are way too expensive” anymore. TrainMe brings them to your doorstep at a timeslot of your choice for a very nominal fee.


How does this work?

The mobile application may be downloaded through iOS App Store or the Google Play Store, and using this, the member can schedule an appointment through their individual profile.

  • Download the app (two trail sessions free)
  • Create your own profile by keying in important statistics such as weight, height and fitness goal
  • Book an appointment at any place of the user’s convenience such as home, office or anywhere else
  • Closest and most appropriate fitness associate is deputed for the session
  • The app engine accordingly sets a custom workout routine and the trainer allocated for that workout can automatically view the individual’s workout routine as well as past trainers’ observations on his or her partner application


The success of the application depends on a complex algorithm that is designed by Huzefa Lokhandwala – the fitness legend having trained corporates like Yash Birla, Ambani Family to celebrities like Aditya Roy Kapoor, combining elements of muscle building, stamina, basic fitness, weight loss to develop an effective routine for the user. The algorithm reads the goals entered by the user to develop scientifically-proven fitness regimens that the experts can then work on with the user.


The USP of the programme is that, vis-à-vis other mobile apps that offer no personal engagement, these regimens are continually updated and personally reviewed by each visiting associate.


The fitness regime comes equipped with Kynamax, a globally-renowned technique that is being deployed to train on-the-move city dwellers. The ease-of-use of the application makes it a convenient one to use for senior citizens, the technologically challenged and so on – no excuses there then.


About Kynamax


  • KynamaX workouts are more challenging compared to any other as they enable the user to workout in various anatomical planes which allows maximum motion
  • The fitness regime employs the use of resistance bands. The weight and thickness of the bands renders all heavy gym equipment unnecessary.
  • KynamaX is a smart system of workouts using resistance bands’ training, calisthenics and functional training incorporating the fundamentals of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to work on your body’s strength, speed, stamina, core and balance.
  • It’s an overall body workout that is being successfully followed by fitness enthusiasts around the world.
  • KynamaX is an intelligent system of working out designed by a team of sports coaches, sports medicine doctors, resistance training specialists, fitness experts and physiotherapists.
  • The workouts are entirely flexible and require minimum equipment and 80 sq. Ft. area.
  • Because of these advantages, they can be conducted anywhere, with no limitation to place.
  • These workouts always require a trainer, and cannot be self-taught.


In order to get members to try the concept, TrainMe is offering two free sessions to every new member so they can understand the safety and efficacy of the workout and the service.


I write to you in order to understand there is a possibility to do a story around TrainMe and how it aims to address to the everlasting challenge in the fitness industry and how Kynamax workouts can help overall.

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