New international pageant has been established in India known as “Miss Multinational”


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Miss Multinational is an initiative by Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and is going to one of the most celebrated International Beauty Pageant across the world. Girls from more than 50 countries will be taking part and millions of people across the world will witness the live event.

Miss Multinational will have its first edition held in December 2017, to be held in New Delhi, India. Beauties across the world will be seen participating in the extravagant pageant which will judge them over several parameters. The pageant will have social activities involved that will promote the social cause across the world.

Nikhil Anand, Chairman of Glamanand Entertainment Pvt. Ltd recently said that We are willing to have potential companies as our franchise holders who can prepare their girls well and promote them well. We are not going to compromise with the quality of contestants. Beauties coming from all the countries will get an opportunity for a lifetime to come up as the winner.”

Contestants will be exposed to a series of pre – pageant activities such exclusive media tour, visit tourist destinations in the city, advocacy workshops, public appearances and a lot more. The Company would like to give the delegates a very memorable experience while enjoying the scenic views and tourist spots in the city. The coronation night on the 13th of December will be telecast live by Facebook Live all across the world. This makes it easy for the audiences across the world to witness the finale live.



The world of Beauty and Fashion has many different styles and perceptions. It surprises us still and is rediscovered and redefined time and time again. Our motto is to develop a unique international Live TV Event with the most incredible women from around the world participating in a contest which focuses on beauty, brain and grace. This is Miss MULTINATIONAL!


This TV Show will enjoy tremendous viewing figures and popularity across the globe. The competition will make a huge impact in the Pageant World, and be amongst Top 5 most important and prestigious international pageants in the world. Our motto is Glamour, Fashion, Beauty and Brain.


Miss Multinational is focused to get associated with high standards of Television production, Stage Design and Entertainment. This year over 50 contestants will compete for the crown in one of the most exciting and spectacular television events of the year.

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  1. Vrinda mankad says:

    Trial for modeling because i am intrested in this field and it has always been my dream to try for this once

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