Fabriclore Launches Banarasi and Lucknowi Chikan Fabrics in Exquisite Designs and Colors


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Fabriclore, a one-of-its-kind online platform that curates modern and traditional fabrics from all over India, has launched a collection of Banarasi and Lucknowi Chikan fabrics, in exquisite designs and vibrant colors.

Fabriclore sources the fabrics directly from the masters of the traditional craft and even from the traditional keepers, making them value for money. It relentlessly enhances its collections with the best and widest range of designs being added everyday on a real-time basis. In addition to its existing collections of Indian Handlooms and Contemporary Fabrics, Fabriclore has launched two new ranges of Banarasi and Lucknowi Chikan fabrics.

The holy city of Banaras has always attracted aristocrats and royalties alike, with its luxurious fabrics, especially Banarasi Silk, which is world famous for its rich and royal look. Banarasi work can not only be seen on the regal Silks but also on other fabrics such as cotton, handloom and even modern-day factory manufactured textiles. Keeping in sync with this, Fabriclore has launched a collection of Banarasi fabrics with intricate zari motifs and designs dipped in bright, vibrant colors.

The collection is an expression of Banaras’ ancient textile craft and the fabrics in this collection are available in Taffeta and Chanderi Silk variants. The designs range from vibrant Booti motifs to tie &dye printing on Jali work and Taffeta Jacquard work, adorned with brocade on the borders. Fabriclore is also planning to launch Zari weaved figurines with interesting motifs like peacock, elephants, rose, etc., designs to be woven within with the fabric itself.

In addition to Banarasi fabrics, Fabriclore has also launched its range of Lucknowi Chikan fabrics, a craft style known to be as old as 3rd Century BC, loved by people across India and the rest of the world. Chikankari is known the world over for its intricate embroidery on soft fabrics in soothing, pastel colors which provide great comfort in summers. Fabriclore’s range of Lucknowi Chikan includes original hand-crafted Chikankari work, on georgette and cotton blends in soft pastel colors like blue, teal, pink, white, etc. Some of the fabrics in this collection also showcase the fine mukeish work, adding a glamorous sheen to the fabrics.


Banarasi Collection: Rs 269 per meter onwards

Lucknowi Chikan Collection: Rs 616 per meter onwards

Availability: https://www.fabriclore.com/

About Fabriclore:

Fabriclore is one-of-its-kind organization that curates modern and traditional Indian fabrics from all over India, in order to revive our vibrant culture and bring it, untouched, to the online platform. Founded in March 2016, Fabriclore is a Jaipur-based organization, with a penchant for telling vivid stories through their collaboration with indigenous designers.

A brainchild of three friends- Sandeep, Anupam and Vijay, Fabriclore sets out for a tough task to constantly inspire creative people to achieve stand-out boho and fusion designs. Keeping the undying penchant for personalization at the fore, Fabriclore aims to solve the problem of virtual availability of Indian Handloom and Contemporary fabrics at one place.

With talent blooming, bootstrapped designers no longer have to pile up stock of fabrics at their store and can easily get their business going without investing in fabrics at one go. With its doorstep delivery, designers no longer have to get into the hassle of traveling and accumulating fabrics from different parts of the country. The organization’s strength lies in understanding fabrics to the core, intricacies involved in weaving, handcrafting, modern production techniques and deep familiarity with a complex legacy supply-chain.

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