Stefano Ricci casual Shirts and Jackets


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The STEFANO RICCI fine tailored style distinguishes itself by innovation, and the originality of its designs and fabrics.

This innovation is the result of relentless research into raw materials, and exclusive patterns personally hand drawn by Mr. Stefano Ricci. Every STEFANO RICCI garment is formed with care, from its meticulous creation to the final article.

The philosophy guiding Stefano Ricci in the pursuit of his vision has always been to firmly believe in and support 100% Made in Italy production. Thus, from the beginning, the company’s efforts have been to focus on achieving the highest level of quality by manufacturing within the company’s headquarters in Italy, or by producing within Italian areas that are renowned for their craftsmen’s specializations, such as silk printing in the Como region.

STEFANO RICCI products are created for those gentlemen around the world who already have everything and yet who are constantly searching for what is elusive, namely, timeless elegance and the highest level of quality in terms of fabrics and of custom tailoring services. For this reason, the Florentine maison offers perfect manufacturing, exclusive designs and supreme materials, with a wide selection of exclusive fabrics from which to choose.

A true bespoke experience does not affect only the top layers of a garment, but may also extend to each item worn with a suit or made-to-measure jacket. The precious shirts that are worn underneath deserve and receive the same attention to detail, both for sizing and the choice of threads, buttons, and linings.

The concept of hand-cut and hand-made is extremely important at STEFANO RICCI. A perfect balance is attained between what is best achieved in a hand-made fashion, and what brings forth its best qualities by being sewn by machine. In this way, the SR atelier in Florence creates completely custom-made suits, jackets, and shirts and delivers them throughout the world.

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