Singer Soumita Saha pays Tribute to Hemanta Mukherjee with a Music Video on his Birth Anniversary


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Amid scorching heat of Summer, the advent of Monsoon is like isolated blooming of respite. One thing that marks the unpredictable beauty of monsoon is that at times nature’s joy can be boundless during monsoon while gloom can be immeasurable. For people in West Bengal, monsoon means paying tribute to Hemanta Mukherjee, the legendary singer who sang ‘Amar ganer swaralipi’ meaning “my song notes will remain forever among with the song of birds…the future world keep on listening to it…even if I do not get a chance to come back on the earth again”.

Hemanta Mukherjee (also known as Hemant Kumar) is one of the best known singer and music composer of Music’s Golden Era. He was born on 16th June in Varanasi. His family migrated to Kolkata during early 1900s.

Hemanta Da is undoubtedly one of the most famous and the most loved singers of Bengal. Famous composer Salil Chowdhury once said that if God could sing he would surely have a voice like that of Hemanta. Bengalis all over the world lovingly call him Hemanta.

Well known Singer from Kolkata and Youth Icon Soumita Saha has come up with a musical video titled Nijhhumo Sandhyay in an attempt to pay tribute to Hemanta Mukherjee on his 97th birth anniversary. The song has been borrowed from 1966 Bengali film Monihar. It was originally composed by Hemanta Mukherjee and voiced by Lata Mangeshkar.

Soumita has paid her tribute by singing this song with absolutely different musical arrangement without altering the essence and emotions buried within. According to her, “It is not a remix but rather a different musical arrangement. Hemanta Mukherjee’s composition shall remain evergreen to Indian audience so a remixed version is out of question”.

In her words, “Describing Hemanta Mukherjee’s composition is a very difficult task. If I have to describe it, I would borrow words from William Wordsworth the music in my heart I bore, long after it was heard no more “.

The song has been released by Best Of City of Joy absolutely for music lovers who love listening to compositions of Golden Era, as well as the Generation Y who are yet to discover the magic in the music of Golden Era. The Musical Arrangement used in the song is created by Tom Bailey and used with his permission. The song has been Recorded and mixed by Rana Mondal at Studio RJ.

Link to Music Video on Youtube.

About Soumita Saha

Soumita Saha is a 24 year old Singer from Kolkata. At the age of 19, she became Internet Sensation through her songs and since then she has been consistently in limelight. She has been often referred by media as ‘Justin Bieber of Kolkata’. She is well known for her contribution to Rabindra Sangeet and has worked in several music albums based on it. She has appeared in numerous TV as well in popular Musical Shows like Geet Sangeet by Channel Vision and several other shows on Rupashi Bangla and OM Bangla. She is also associated with Tollywood.

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