Axis Securities celebrates International Yoga Day by organizing Yoga workshop for well-being of its employees


By K Ashwin Mobile:00919920183006

Axis Securities Limited (ASL), leading BFSI player is organizing Yoga Week for its employees on the eve of International Yoga Day (Wednesday, 21st June). The workshop will focus on various work-life balance related topics e.g. Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management at workplace, Meditation to enhance productivity at work, ‘Sattvic’ food to beat worries and most importantly how Yogic principles help you invest better. The workshop will be conducted in association with The Yoga Institute, Mumbai – The oldest organized centre of yoga in the world. Many people relate yoga only as a solution for their health problems, but infact yoga is a way of life which helps remove obstacles in one’s personality, for a better way of living. The workshop is aimed to help ASL employees maintaining a work-life balance in today’s competitive, tension ridden world.

On the first day, the employees will learn about various techniques to beat the workplace stress. The key takeaways will be to include lunchtime walk, stretching at workplace, as well as organizing oneself at workplace.The second day will include meditation technique to enhance concentration at workplace. This will also include meditating on mind and breathing.

More stress makes your mind wander more; simply acknowledging it and concentrating on breathing can enhance the productivity at workplace. The third day will acquaint employees on the food habits. How changing food habits e.g. having more fibre, less oil, whole grains, green tea etc. can help you have right equation of height weight as well as increase productivity. It will also focus on how right diet can form part of your life and how not to fall on the old food pattern again.

The workshop will be concluded with the most important topic i.e. understanding investing behavior through Yogic principles. This workshop will be exclusively conducted by Mr. Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities who is an avid Yoga reader & trainer. Also being a certified financial planner, he finds a great analogy between Yogic principles and investor’s psychology.

Yogic principles defined by our Maharishis thousand years back, still show the way to better living. The workshop will help identify ASL employees how behavioral aspect of investing plays a critical role in making the right investment choices and how identifying Yogic principles can immensely help in wealth creation.

On this occasion Mr. Arun Thukral, MD & CEO, Axis Securities said “We at Axis Securities have always endeavored to provide a workplace environment that fosters health and wellness among our employees. By wellness I mean including a comprehensive wellness, which includes physical, mental as well as financial health. There wouldn’t have been a better occasion to conduct the workshop than International Yoga day for the employee well-being.”

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