Manchu Manoj to give 10% of each film’s earnings to the ‘Save the Farmers’ Initiative


By K Ashwin Mobile:00919920183006

Manchu Manoj started ‘Manoj Kumar’s Unity’ in order to collect funds for the development of farmers in India. The foundation started an initiative called ‘Save the Farmers’. Manchu Manoj is doing everything in his power to provide relief to Indian farmers. In fact, 10% of his earnings of every film he does, will be given to help those who are responsible for feeding us. He even nominated 5 good hearted people for the ‘Save the Farmers’ initiative.

The initiative’s basic premise is to get more and more people to donate a day of the annual salary to the farmers. The five people he chose are Mr. K.T.R, RajaMouli, Rana Daggubati, Sai Dharam Tej and G.V. Keshav. The reason he chose these five is, because of the influence they have on our country and also because they can inspire millions of others to support him and take this initiative forward.

Manchu explained the purpose of the ‘Save the Farmers’ initiative stating, “The farmers in India are the ones feeding us. It is our duty and responsibility to feed them.”

Unity will release a mission document next month, explaining the short term and long term Manoj Kumar’s goals of the farmers. They plan on bringing together experts and NGOs to work together to better the life of Indian farmers.

“I know for the matter of fact, farmers won’t accept any donations or giving money won’t suffice. Money raised will be used for the welfare & betterment of farmers. The money will be used to create a robust system for farmers for soil testing & to sell the crop at a better price in the market. The money will be used to provide families a better standard of living, proper education for their children, restoring water bodies and providing farm equipment,” added Manchu Manoj.

The thought of giving 10% of each film’s earnings is so noble and generous. Not many people in today’s world have such a big heart. Kudos to Manchu Manoj, we hope he achieves nothing but abundant success in the endeavor!

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