Dr. Manohar Joshi Memorial Hospital launches on Ghole Road, Pune


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In the memory of the legendary Surgeon, late Prof.Dr. Manohar J. Joshi, an internationally acclaimed personality in the field of Gastroenterology and general Surgery, his son, Dr. Mukund Joshi today announced the launch of their new Hospital Dr. Manohar Joshi Memorial Hospital (MJM Hospital) on Ghole Road, Pune during a Press Conference. Dr. Mukund Joshi, Medical Director, Mr. Shailesh Niyogi, Director, MJM Hospital, Mr. MasahiroShinkai, Director – Olympus Co. Japan, Dr. Parimal Lavate, Director, Dept of Gastroenterology and Dr. Subhal Dixit, Director, Dept. of Crtical Care, MJM Hosiptal actively participated in the press conference highlighting the facilities and the USP of MJM Hospital.

Located in the heart of the city at Ghole road in Shivaji Nagar, the hospital is very quick and easy to access during an emregency. Spread over an area of 11000 sq ft, the multi-speciality hospital boasts of state-of-art infrastructure with the most modern gadgets andtechnology of international standards. Backed by the highly skilled expertise, MJM Hospital’s motto is “CARE WITH CONCERN”. The hospital team is dedicated and committed to the complete well being of patients and their care.

“My father had launched Joshi Clinic in 1968, now after forty years I am very happy to rebuilt it and launch it as a multi-specialty hospital in the memory of him, in his name ‘Dr. Manohar Joshi Memorial Hospital’. This hospital is based on my fathers motto i.e care with concern ensuring complete patient care at all stages. We have designed the hospital also in such a way that it makes it very convenient for the patient to access any facilities”, said Dr. Mukund Joshi, Medical Director, MJM Hospital.

This hospital has a major focus on Gastroenterology i.e. Digestive diseases. Diseases of Digestive system are extremely common however pose problems in the diagnosis & treatment. At MJM hospital we have a top end 180 series HD Endoscopy system by Olympus Co. Japan. For the first time in Pune we have introduced “Enteroscopy” for visualizing the small Intestine.

We also have “Endosonography” i.e Sonography done through Endoscopy, to visualize Pancreatic & bile duct diseases. We shall be having speciality OPD’s in Liver diseases, Colo-proctology, Obesity etc . We have also have installed 3CCD HD Olympus laparoscopy system for performing advanced laparosopic digestive surgeries.

Based on the principles of conservation of energy, all the rooms are well ventilated with natural light. Divided in 4 floors the hospital is being launched with 50 beds in the first phase and will reach upto 100 beds after the second phase very soon. This building mainly comprises of sections like Casualty on the ground floor to manage all kind of casualties, emergencies & OPD services promptly, multi-slice C.T. scan, Pathology and Pharmacy at the ground Floor. Four beded “Day care” unit equipped with central oxygen & suction with multi para bedside monitors. The full-fledged Gastroenterology Department (Olympus 180 series), OPD’s and rest of the imaging department are placed at the first Floor, Second Floor consists of state of the art three Ultra-Modern Operation theatres with Laminar flow & Heppa Filters. 12 bedded ICU facility along with 2 bedded Dialysis units equipped with advanced technologies are situated on the same floor. The rest upper floors have semi private rooms, Deluxe Rooms & Super Deluxe Roomsprovisioned with emergency code system (Code Blue) for nursing call for each bed. Seven OPDs accommodate various specialties available in this hospital such as General Surgery, Orthopedic and physiotherapy, Medicine, Cardiology, Pediatric medicine and Surgery, Gynecology, Oncology, Urology, Bariatric / Cosmetic Surgeries, Neuro Surgeries, Nephrology, Pain Management, ENT, and many other specialties.

MJM Hospital has taken special mesasures for the safety policy which carries great importance especially in hospitals and cannot be ignored. In view of the same we have taken care of many safety measures while planning the hospital. Very strict abundance of the fire safety norms and its execution according to latest Fire norms have been followed. Very spacious stairs and doors have been designed for emergency exit. The building is also having non interrupted provision of essential needs like electricity (250 kva Cummins Genset) and water supply (3 Lac liters underground water tank) to avoid inconvenience.

“We are a strong believer in synchronization of sophisticated gadgets along with the highly skilled manpower which includes very renowned clinical practitioners in this hospital.So once you will enter in MJM Hospital you will find that your patient is in safe hand and will realize the assurance of “CARE WITH CONCERN” with complete devotion and dedication”, said Mr. Shailesh Niyogi, Director, MJM Hospital.




  1. Dr.Ravichandra mandi says:

    Very bad and very poor hospital with costly. Service procedure for admission,discharge and billing management need minimum five to six hours. Doctors are good management pharmacy and some nursing staff are very very slow to give service.

    • Aditya M. Joshi says:

      Hello Sir,

      We take customer feedback very seriously at MJM Hospital and I truly apologise for any inconvenience caused to you (or your patient). I would like request you to please take out some time and I will have one of our senior management personnel call you and get more details. In the meanwhile, we sincerely thank you for choosing MJM Hospital.

      Best regards,
      Aditya M. Joshi

  2. anonymous says:

    With reference to above comment i will add some more details like they have different payment policy rates different for each room from deluxe private semi private, if you prefer the private room and had done operation in that Hospital, if charges for that operation are eg : 5 thousand and you select private room then operation charges will be 10 thousand and if you select deluxe then the charges for same operation are 15k. Hospital staff specialize reception people thinks that they are the owner of the hospital and if you want to get the treatment then you have to be-have as they say. we have to book the room fist (Lodge system) before getting admitted to MJM hospital. They dont even care for the patient staff is too lazy for shifting the patient from ICU to semi-private or private or general ward they need 6 hours. we have to do the follow up for the same until that they will not even care for the patient even they have parking charges in the hospital..

    Looting hospital specially management.. for me its MGM aka Looting hospital.

    • Aditya M. Joshi says:

      Hello Sir,

      MJM Hospital uses a standardised policy when it comes to patient charges. We take customer feedback extremely seriously and I would like to request you to please contact our Billing department on +9120-4149999 if you have any queries regarding your bill. If you think your bill was wrong, I would like to schedule a call between you and our management personnel.

      Best Regards,
      Aditya M. Joshi

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