Cross Marketing Inc Launches “Velocity”, a new age market research company India


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Cross Marketing Inc; a Tokyo stock exchange listed company has announced the launch of‘Velocity’,a technology driven market research Companyto cater to the bustling Indian market.The launch comes at a time when marketers are grappling with growing competition woes and are looking for new ways to better engage with their customers. Armed with global learning, Velocity has been designed to address a dire need for Indian companies to garner real time insights of the market and emerging patterns.Velocity was born out of an urgentneed to provide insights and meaningful research with a quick turnaround time from various parts of the world. The company will cater to Indian companies by offering a fully customized approach supported by technology, innovative differentiators and a compelling value proposition. The tech-driven methodologies that Velocity is powered by enablesa quick turnaround time and high-precision data capture.

Research ranging from simple measurements, like counting the number of customers who buy a specific product, to more complex questions, like reasons for referring the same product to friends/families and thereby acting as influencers – Velocity helps companies monitor, explain, predict and measure multiple decisions taken by these consumers.

Headquartered in Bangalore and having an office in Mumbai, Velocity offers a wide array of solutions, likeAdvertising & Communications Research, Brand Studies, Market Segmentation & Profiling, Product & Pricing, Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty/Experience and Tracking Studies, to mention few.

The solutions offered will cater to diverse sectors including Automotive, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Healthcare Retail, IT, Media, Real Estate, Travel & Leisure, Telecom et al.

Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO, Velocity said, “In today’s dynamic world, strategies are dynamic and needs to change quickly, sometimes even overnight and this demands quick access to data and quality insights. At Velocity, this is what we are designed to deliver. Our tech-driven approach helps us achieve quick turnaround time and this will in turn help our clients in meeting their respective objectives.Our global reach by virtue of our parent company will also help scale up our business and therein reach out to more clients.”

About Velocity

Velocity is a tech savvy insights provider providing Proprietary Panels, Real web-based CATI,a Strong Field Force, Responsive Client Servicing capabilities and is armed with Unparalleled Research Capabilities.

Velocity is today one of the youngest and highly tech oriented Research Company globally. In a world where unstructured data is flowing in all directions, understanding distinctive consumer behaviour towards brands is getting tougher and tougher.

The company supported by Cross Marketing Inc. Tokyo has some of the finest brains in the industry along with the best available technology platforms to deliver world-class research solutions to clients. The integration of technology coupled with high-quality data imparts speed, hence providing a ‘Quick turnaround time’ in collating, analyzing and interpreting research data.

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