StudioCREO launches Kids Room Collection MYA Collection by MAB


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A child’s room is its haven and his/her safe space. This is the place they escape to, with their fantasies and imaginary friends. That is why doing up a den for the little champ for any parent becomes an added responsibility. Every parent wants to be completely on point when it comes to the lessons and information they want their kid to learn from their surroundings. MYA fits the needs of growing families, in age and in numbers: all lay-outs are changeable over time to make room for newcomers.

MYA by MAB consists of beds, bunk bed, high-sleeper, space-saving lay-outs, desks, chairs, wall unit, wardrobes and walk-in closets and accessories.

“The MYA collection grows with your children; it suits their needs to make them feel more at ease when they relax, study and play.Keeping the shift in design aesthetics in mind, not all rooms for kids is expected to be a lot colorful these days. Parents intend to use the furniture choices, to the paint colors, curtains or accessories in a very neutral tone that can be a fit for both, boys and girls. The kid’s room is also an important space in the development of a child’s growth. But the available space in the house is also a factor to be kept in mind.

People love to decorate their kid’s room with a variety of colors and with modern accessories; such a room plays an important role in shaping one’s kids growth & development” says Ms. Parushni Aggarwal, Founder and Creative Director, StudioCREO, launching MYA by MAB at StudioCREO.

What: Kids Room Collection, MYA Collection by MAB

Where: StudioCREO

E-52, New Manglapuri,

Mandi Rd,

New Delhi- 110030

Price: On Request


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