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Men enamoured of true style, of the vestimentary system, which recounts individuality and personality, without ever transcending into ostentation as an end in and of itself, but rather jealously cultivating a hidden vanity.

These elements are enhanced in the silk interior lining of the perforated leather jackets, light as clouds, in the unexpected materials, in the sneakers where comfort is never lacking elegance, and in the moccasins that embody a revolution of softness and lightness.

Men choose to dress in STEFANO RICCI because they are sure of themselves during every moment of the day. Then, the evening becomes precious with a dinner jacket coloured in black, white, blue Ricci, or royal red, all woven silk made with the mastery of the Antico Setificio Fiorentino’s mythical looms. These are true jewels, owned by the Ricci family since 2010, creating exclusive STEFANO RICCI designs: textile reproductions of the gods of the African dream, which the Florentine designer wanted to transform into virtuous fabrics, full of poetry.

These are the dreams and desires of men who recall the style of the Poet, Gabriele d’Annunzio, a hero of the twentieth century who represented the soul of the dandy. Stefano Ricci regarded him as the Arbiter Elegantiarum, and after an exceptional and refined event, began to restore parts of the Vittoriale degli Italiani.

An outfit was also donated: a modern, but faithful, reproduction of that which the Poet wore in his extraordinary haven. A real man’s three-piece suit, the jacket has round forms and structured lapels with handmade detailing, two buttons and a rough softness of wool, cashmere, and silk; this is still an ideal model today.

It is a collection made of tactile sensations, sophisticated visions, a suffused game of micro-fantasies, the dare that is only revealed in the fairy tale interior, and in the fit of jackets and trousers revisited without excess in the equilibrium of exclusivity.

The STEFANO RICCI world for Summer 2017 comes to life through the details which bestow both a stylistic and aesthetic substance. Virtuous elegance is manifested at the height of the weaving process, which, from jackets to shoes, becomes a figure of modernity that holds its roots in an ancient and skilful craftsmanship.

The hidden hoods are made in 150 gr. waterproof silk on turtle suede Safari jackets. The luggage has an international footprint and the shirts reach heights of incomparable refinement and prestige. The perforated leathers on blousons and accessories, the gold and silver finishing on crocodile jackets, the secret inlays on polos and the unique lightweight silk inlays or Italian denim on sneakers, signify Stefano Ricci’s constant innovation.

About Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci is a brand where the product is created for timeless elegance and the highest level of quality in terms of fabrics and custom tailoring services. Originating in Italy, the brand has always focused on achieving the highest level of authenticity by fully maintaining manufacturing within the company’s headquarters in Italy.


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