South United Sports School: Bringing Women’s Football To Light


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South United Sports Schools have renewed their focus on women’s football, and have made their intent evident to create equal opportunities for women to discover the sport, and train professionally.

South United has partnered with various schools in Mumbai and Bengaluru, wherein training programs are offered. The program is also soon to be conducted at various centers, open to girls and women across age groups, from ages 4 to 30.

The sports development network consists of a road map which guides the child through different levels of training. The Sports School was started in 2012, and are always looking for new recruits.

A new example in the process of implementation is the BPM High School Project in Mumbai, where an equal number of boys and girls are to be given professional training as teams. There are 5 batches starting at U-8, going up to U-16. The trials for two age groups are complete, with 40 girls and 40 boys selected. The coaches assess the children on:

• Their existing skill set

• Their ability to play as a team

• Their knowledge of the game

Sharan Parikh, Director of South United said, “The objective for the project is to engage the community as a whole, creating a working model of the sustainable sporting ecosystem that we envision. The objective, by nature, intends to keep a balance between both girls and boys, because we believe in a girl’s potential to succeed as an athlete as well. Quite a few of the girls in the program have never got the opportunity to play a sport, and this could prove to be a promising platform for some of them to recognize their place in professional sport”.

South United believes every football player needs an inspirational atmosphere to train to their full potential. This can be achieved with pragmatic coaching, adequate infrastructure, and a relevant curriculum to follow. Factors like nutrition and mental conditioning also add value to how rewarding a training regime is.

Grooming in values such as discipline, work ethic, punctuality, communication and competitiveness help produce quality players. As a club, South United is also constantly evolving their football curriculum, and gives individual attention to each player’s potential.

About South United Football Club:

South United is a professional football club based out of Bangalore formed in August 2012. The club plays in the Bangalore Super Division and has also participated in the I-League Division 2. South United won their premier victory at Kolhapur with the prestigious Kedari Redekar United Cup by beating Pune FC. The team comprises of all Indians with the average age being 20 years.

The club was formed with the aim of becoming a platform for India’s young footballers making it the club of choice for the Indian football fan. Through their business models, South United FC intends to create a Sustainable Sporting Ecosystem. This will help create a professional pathway, where all players can train with quality facilities and expertise to play to the best of their potential!

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