G.S.B. SEVA MANDAL would be celebrating it’s 58th Shree Ganeshotsav Celebrations from 19th September to 23rd September, 2012


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G.S.B. SEVA MANDAL would be celebrating it’s 58th Shree Ganeshotsav Celebrations from 19th September to 23rd September, 2012.(5 Days only) Viraat Darshan (Mukh Darshan) will held on Monday the 17th September,2012 approximately at 8.00 p.m.












The height of the idol is approximately 14.5 ft. and it is made of Clay and Durva (Grass) which is eco-friendly. All the paints used are soluble in water are also eco-friendly.

The Sculptor is ShriAvinash Patkar.from Girgaum Mumbai

The entire Jewellery /items which are in golden colour are made of 22 carat gold and the silver Colour items are of silver.

The gold crown is of 33 inches in height, in which there are two peacocks and two alligators on either side of the “seven headed Shesh Naag”. The gold crown weighs 22 kg.

There are two hands (one holding “Modak”, & second “Abhay hasta”) are also made of Gold. The two feet of the lord are also made of gold. The snake belt around the waist is also made of Gold. Both ears are of Gold. There is a huge Golden Necklace with OM pendant on it weighing more than 2 kgs. There are six Tilaks (Naam) on the entire body and Shank- chakra on either side of forehead temple -all these are also made of gold. The Trunk is also made of Gold.

On the forehead one Diamond studded “Trishul” Naam of 10 inches long is also made of gold. On the forehead there are three Golden Jallar weighing more than half kg. of gold.

Both the hands, holding astra (Phaas and Ankush) are also made of gold. Both the hands have Bajubandh and Kada ( Bangle) which are also made of gold. The big Modak in the hand too is made of gold.

On the Trunk there is Golden “OM”. Ganesha royally sits on a Grand Golden throne “Simhasana” Which is weighing more thanl2 Kg. The golden Palkhi and Sacred thread (Jaanva) is also made of Gold.

There is Golden Aarti of more than 1 Kg of Gold.

Regd. Off.: 5-Siddhi Prabha, Sayani Road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 25.

The trunk has one Kattu which is entirely studded with precious stones. There is huge “Silver Prabhavalli” of 15.5 ft. height which is made of 120 kg. Also a big silver mouse.

The entire Naivedhya Paatra ( Plaintain Leaves / Bowls/Vessels ) are made of silver etc.

This year we have offerings of two Golden hands,holding the Astra weighing around 2.5 kgs. (approx.) of gold. It will be offered on the Virat Darshan Day. (Monday 17/9/2012 )

The entire Gold Jewellery / Items are roughly 70 kg. and silver is more than 470 kg.

The Government approved valuator has valued it more than Rs. 21.5 crores.



There are almost 39 Sub committees working under G S B Seva Mandal Managing Committee. It is

headed by the Convenor Dr Bhujang U Pai and Jt.Convenors Shri G Damodar Rao and Shri Raghunandan S Kamath (Natural Ice cream). These sub committees mainly consist of Idol Committee, pandal committee, Pooja committee, Aarti Committee, Collection Committee, Licensing Committee, Anna-daan Committee, Flower Committee, Purchase Committee etc.

There are more than 1000 Volunteers working in the above sub committees.



There are more than 40 types of various poojas and offering to the Lord right from morning (Usha Pooja ) 5.00 a.m. to late evening (Ratra Pooja) 10.30 p.m. Udayasthamaan begins with Ganhoma- Madhyana Pooja and Rathra Pooja. There are special pooja such as Moodganapati Pooja, Deepa aradhana Pooja etc. There are also offerings viz. Vhar Bhet (for newly-married couple) where the couple visit for the first time. There is Tulabhara Sevas, one weighs the offering in terms of his weight with the offering of coconut, sugar, rice, laadu, milk, Prasad etc. These are offered individually or jointly (mother-child, husband-wife) It begins at 8.00 a.m. and concludes at 3.00 p.m.

There are Moodganapathi Pooja which has 101 coconuts and Prasad of 10 coconuts arranged in the shape of MOODA ( RICE SACK ) a aartee is performed at the time of offerings. There is Maha Moodganapti pooja which is almost 10 times of the above i.e. 1111 coconuts and Prasad consists of 111 coconuts. There is Anna-dana seva where the person offers food to all devotees, In Sahasra bhojana Seva., somewhere more than 10000 people have their Bhojana Prasad. There are Prasad vitaran seva where Prasad of half coconut, pancha khadya is given to one and all.— say 50,000 to 60,000 people at the exit gate.

In the evening there is Deepaaradhana Pooja where lamps (Samai) are lighted and decorated/arranged at twilight and Flower Poojas, Ranga Poojas and Ratra Pooja are conducted.

There are many Sevadar who perform Udayastamana seva which means from sunrise to sunset. The biggest pooja is Ekottara Sahasra Maha Ganayaga which is 1000 times the Ganahoma pooja. This

pooja takes at least 3 hours beginning at 8.00 a.m. and lasts till 11.30 a.m. This is also held on all days.



There are competitions for children to attract children to the Ganeshotsav children feelpart of the celebration and thus, future volunteers are created . Competitions are mainly of Bhajan, Bhagwad Geeta reciting, Fancy Dress, Drama are played to promote our tradition, Art & Culture . We have Dramas in Konkani and field drama (Yakshagana Baylata) including mythological plays from Puranas,

Ramayana, Mahabharat, by virtue of which values in life are taught to all those who participate and also who watch the plays.

We also encourage the students by honouring them for their outstanding excellence in academics from SSC to P.G.



The surplus of the Ganeshotsav is earmarked for the upcoming Project of “S A G E” “Sudhindra

Academy of Global Education” where we intend to come up with a College so that education is imparted to all the needy. We have taken a plot admeasuring 10 acres at Village Varsave in Mira Bhaynder Municipal Corporation. Plans are submitted for approval and follow up is being done.



The entire amount is dedicated and marked to give free ship to the poor and needy people for education. Last year an amount of more than Rs. 35.00 lacs were given to needy students and almost 450 students benefitted.

We also give Medical Assistance to the needy throughout the year after the Ganeshotsav. The only criterion is the approval in the Managing Committee afterthorough scrutiny.



This is the section where Nashta / Meals are served to all devotees through out the day. Here the concerned sub committee takes up the responsibility of serving to all the devotees right from 7.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m

Meals are served on plantain leaf and generally people sit on floor in rows. There are 75 to 80 people in each row and there are 25 rows. To say in each batch approx. 1800 to 2000 people have their lunch at a time and we have 5 to 6 batches.

Drinking water is served through a water purifying plant. The entire “Reverse Osmosis” plant is installed for entire duration of five days. The water tank and well is cleaned twice before Ganeshotsav by expert tank cleaners by “UV” lights and high tech Water cleaning equipments.

In these five days the water for bathing, cleaning, washing etc. is drawn through well which is a’miracle well’. It’s depth is hardly 8 ft. and dia of 4 feet, water level is hardly 10 – 11 inches. Water is pumped out through 4 motor pumps (one pump goes directly to kitchen, one goes for washing and the two goes to 2 Toilets). In spite of such utilization of water, there is no drop in the water level.



There is canteen facility for those who want to eat of their choice against payment. This canteen serves only Vegetarian food and that too without Onion and Garlic at a subsidized rate.



At the entrance we have four counters of chappal stall where along with the chappals, personal belongings are kept and token is issued to all devotees. Here the volunteers irrespective of their position viz. Director/ MD/Executives) work humbly picking up the chappal etc. and safe keeping them till the devotees return. This is conducted under the banner of “GSB Yuvak Mandal.”



Apart from thousands of volunteers throughout the day, we have 450 private Security Guards, almost 100 are women. There are Metal detectors at the entrance and also Handheld devises to screen the Devotees before entering, Due to Security reasons (police orders) bags are not allowed inside and have to be deposited at the personal belonging counters.

There are 40 Cameras in CCTV, where recording is done A 12 feet tall Tower is erected and TV screens are monitored by 4 Security Guards for all the 24 hours, it is connected to the local Matunga police station where the Sr. inspector can monitor all the activities on his PC in his cabin, It is also connected to the Laptop of the Asst Comm, Police. who can view when he moves around other Ganeshotsav in the region.

For the last 3 years The GSB Seva Mandal Bagged the’BEST SECURED GANESHOTSAV AWARD’ from FSAI (Fire and SafetyAssn of India)



On the last day the Visarjan aarti is performed around 5 p.m., the procession beings with pomp and music. Two to three buses are arranged for the Sr. Citizens, & children . Four to Five trucks and convoyof cars head towards Girgaum chowpatty in a disciplined way. The idol is taken on a trolley with all gold jewellery adorned on it right up to Girgaum Chowpatty. It takes more than 12 hours to reach there. On the wayAartis are performed and offerings are made to God. Devotees offer prayer by saying “Ganpathi Bappa Morya … .Pudcha varshi Laukar ya” . Not less than 10,000 people accompany Visarjan upto Girgaum Chowpatty.

Early dawn .after reaching the seashore the last aarti is performed and the Gold and Silver ornaments are removed.. These ornaments are then carried back to the Mandal with Arms wielding Police escort.

The Clay Idol is now worshiped by performing Abhishek with Holly Gangajal brought from Kashi and then cans of milk are poured in form of Abhishek, Lastly the trolley is slowly moved in the sea,the idol is then immersed into the sea.

For Further Details please contact

Dr. Bhujang U. Pai 98200 35844 (Convenor. G S B Seva Mandal Ganeshotsav)

Satish Rama Nayak 80808 35175 (Sr Trustee. G S B Seva Mandal)






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