Sunderji’s Institutions organizes Annual Sports Day 2017


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Sunderji’s Institutions, a Group dedicated towards educating kindergartners & children with special needs, recently organized Annual Sports Day 2017. The theme for the event was ‘Celebration of National and International Days’.

It was a mega event which had 130 kindergarteners, 150 students from the Sunderji Institute of Open School for children with special needs and 15 trainee teachers coming together for demonstrating a high degree of perfection coordination and skills.

Mrs. Malati Kalmadi, Secretary, Kaveri Group Of Institutes graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Mr. Avinash Bagwe, Member Of Standing Committee Corporator, PMC was the Guest of Honor. The event was attended by prominent educationists, staff members of various schools, well-wishers and patrons of Sunderji’s Institutions.

The event also observed the presence of members of various Rotary Clubs and the Early Childhood Association. Parents, grandparents and family members came in large numbers to cheer the students and lift up their spirits.

At the onset, the students of the Open school mesmerized the audience with a mind-blowing display of a PT drill which had a novel theme, Yoga. Yogasans, Surya Namaskar, formation of the Human Pyramid were some of the exercises which left the audience spellbound. Various National and International Days like Farm Day, Army Day, Music Day, Pirate Day, Coffee Day, Puppet Day, Ocean Day, Earth Day and Halloween Day were chosen to give a unique and never seen before flavor to the races.

Needless to say, the races were age-appropriate, engaging, challenging and innovative. Fun and Adventure was the theme for various strength building races like the Wild Warriors Race and the Lugging and Tugging Tyre Race which had obstacles and hurdles to make them interesting.

About Sunderji’s Institutions: Sunderji’s Institutions believes in creating a world in which every child attains the right to participation and sustained development. The Group values every student as a unique individual where the mind, body and spirit all need nurturing within a loving and caring environment. As educationists, they are constantly in the process of rejuvenating their education system which will help in the progress and development of every child.

Since its inception, Sunderji’s Institutions has been working towards the betterment of the society and creating a healthy environment for children with special needs to learn, grow and evolve. Sunderji’s Institutions runs a group of Institutes & has partnered with various corporates, institutions, committees and NGOs to work for a just cause. For more information, please visit:

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