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BI G Magic, the light hearted fam ily entertainment channel is a ll set to create a new benchma rk with the completion of 500 episodes of its marquee show H ar Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal .

The flagship show which feat ures famous actors Kiku Sharda and Vishal Kotian in the titu lar roles of Akbar and Birbal respectively, gained popularit y within a short span of time and won the hearts of millions of viewers. India’s first eve r historical comedy aired its 500th episode on 26th Septembe r 2016.

The show, which was launched i n the year 2014, presents the folklores of Akbar & Birbal in the most humorous way. Throug h its interesting and engaging content, the show has not onl y redefined the comedy genre, but also pioneered a new genre in itself – historical comedy .

Commenting on the achievement, on-screen Akbar, Kiku Sharda said, “As one would expect wit h any special journey, it has been an emotional yet remarkab le ride. The character of Akba r, among other characters that I portray on TV, has consiste ntly been the most loved by my fans.

It is a moment of joy a nd celebration for BIG Magic a nd the entire family of ‘Har M ushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal’ as our efforts have clearly paid off. I can only hope and pray that viewers continue to show er us with love, as they have always done. Looking forward t o achieving more such mileston es with BIG Magic’s historical comedy.”

On the successful completion o f 500 episodes of Akbar Birbal , a BIG Magic spokesperson sai d, “It is a moment of pride fo r the entire BIG Magic family, as we thank the audience for showing so much love and appre ciation towards ‘Har Mushkil K a Hal Akbar Birbal’ and its ch aracters. The achievement is a result of the combination of great team work, and more impo rtantly great content.

With ev ery passing episode and season , we strive to formulate engag ing content which ensures an e njoyable experience for the vi ewers. Through ‘Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal’, we hope to continue catering to the ente rtainment needs of a large and steadily growing audience bas e in future as well.”

Catch Har Mushkil ka Hal, Akba r Birbal from Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM on BIG Magic

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