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Qyuki, a multiplatform media company and Seher Bedi one of the pioneers of millenial entertainment when MTV first launched in India, announce the launch of Time Out Daria, an online food show under the Starrin’ banner. Starrin’ is a new digital video network catering to a target audience of 6 to 18 year old audiences across the world and will launch a series of shows tailor made for each segment.

Time Out Daria the first show in the Starrin’ line-up is also a global first cooking series to be hosted by a 3 year old. Daria along with her mother, Tina, will take viewers on a mouthwatering culinary journey that will not only be a treat to all foodies but also to parents who want to expose their kids to wholesome entertainment online.

The adorable Mother-Daughter duo will provide a refreshing twist to the series with their quirky and fun banter while they cook up and share scrumptious recipes for their viewers. Each episode will also have a beautifully designed photo postcard of the recipe that can be saved on the phone to try out later.

With a total of 24 episodes already shot and ready, the first promos of the series are launching today, Daria’s 3rd birthday, making the launch all the more special. The first episode is scheduled for launch on Wednesday 20th July and will run as a weekly format thereafter on the YouTube channel “Starrin”.

Speaking on the launch of the series creator Seher Bedi said “The show is a celebration of a mother daughters bond, sprinkled with chocolate mousse and mango smoothies and everything else in between the yummy spectrum, catering to a wide array of audience of 6 yrs and above. The recipes that will be showcased are Daria’s favorites and hence the audience can expect some utterly delicious treats that every kid on the block will devour in a minute”

Sagar Gokhale, Network Head of Qyuki commenting on the launch said “The internet is starved of good wholesome entertainment that kids and parents can enjoy together and not only be entertained but also informed. We hope Time Out Daria provides a great bonding source for parents and children the world over”

About Qyuki Digital

Qyuki is a multi-platform media network across digital, live, TV and film founded by AR Rahman, Samir Bangara and Shekhar Kapur. The Company uses proprietary technology and analytics to discover and promote digital super stars and manages the end to end value chain for them across traditional and new media platforms.

In a recent ranking by YouTube India, Qyuki had two of the top 3 fastest growing channels in the country while on Facebook, its’ managed talent FunkYou grew over 1000x to 6 MILLION fans in one year. Qyuki prides itself in being a creator focused company with SANAM Band, FunkYou, Shraddha Sharma, Motorbeam, and Powerdrift being some of the largest digital brands managed by Qyuki.

The Company’s Agency business has also executed some of the largest branded content projects with clients like Coca-Cola, Olx, VW, Mercedes-Benz, Colgate, Money control amongst others.

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