ThingsMeet Solutions launches its first consumer centric healthcare App,“Prescribez™”


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Disrupting the way healthcare is delivered and experienced by people, ThingsMeet Solutions, the tech start-up launched their first healthcare App “PRESCRIBEZ™” in Pune. Mr. Neeraj Joshi, Co-Founder &CEO,Mr. Manish Bandil, Co-Founder and Director (Product Engg), Mr. Cherag Mehta, Co-Founder and Director(Business Dev),Mr. Jayant Kaduskar, Co-Founder and CTO from ThingsMeet Solutions; and Mr. Ankush Mehta, an Angel investor, who has invested $145k in Prescribez™, were present during the launch.A consumer centric health service aggregator, Prescribez™ makes collaboration between consumers and service providers like doctors, labs and pharmacies easy, by bringing them on one platform. A one-stop solution for users, Prescribez™allows them to search and avail health services through the app in an easy and affordable way.

All the user needs to do is download the app and search for labs, doctors and even book their appointments through the App, just at the click of a button. While providing a personalized user communication, Prescribez™also sends out alerts and health tips. It’s a seamless platform for an individual’s health information management. The User Interface of the app is simple and easy to use for both the end consumer and doctors and clinics. Today we already have 700 doctors on the platform in Pune alone and growing rapidly.

In the future, the app will provide intelligent insights into one’s futuristic health risks and offer the facility to capture health information easily at home from smart health devices and share it using smart phones. This has potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered in the future.

“We are trying to create a borderless health collaboration ecosystem. With more than two decades of experience in healthcare and technology, we understand that there has been a lot of advancement in technology in healthcare but the area of health information technology continues to remain under-explored. This is where Prescribez™ comes in.”, shared Mr. Neeraj Joshi, Co-Founder &CEO, ThingsMeet Solutions.

“Prescribez™ provides a consumer centric comprehensive, 360 degree view of health keeping consumer at the center of the ecosystem. Our advanced health alerts, easy health monitoring and futuristic health condition assessments will make us stand apart in the market that is still focused on healthcare provider search. Our Doctor App (Prescribez™ Doc) provides a powerful Dashboard to effortlessly manage appointments, and patients’ data.

The strong communication backbone of Prerscribez™ assists doctors to easily reach out to patients anywhere, anytime.”, further added Mr. Manish Bandil, Co-Founder and Director (Product Engg), ThingsMeet Solutions.

“With the practising doctors on our advisory panel, we have created simplified and productive workflow for managing the clinic, focusing only on what is absolutely essential. Prescribez™ is a perfect health information management tool. By providing all the health information of patient, it reduces the chance of medical errors, improves medication compliance and helps in predicting future health conditions, leading to significant improvement in health outcomes for patients”, said Mr. Cherag Mehta, Co-Founder and Director(Business Dev), ThingsMeet Solutions.

“With use of home health devices having wireless connectivity with smart phones can help in recording vital health information which can be used by the providers to enhance treatment plans. Lastly, using powerful analytic and big data solutions, meaningful and personalized insights can help in predicting future health complications and can motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle which can eliminate or delay the onset of lifestyle diseases.”, added Mr. Jayant Kaduskar, Co-Founder and CTO.

“In a widespread Healthcare industry, the delivery of service is highly fragmented. Provider centric approach, lack of digital health information and inability to port across providers are major problems. ThingsMeet Solutions’ product Prescribez™ addresses these problems.

Technology, when combined with healthcare and education, is always a good bet, with even the government supporting it”, shared Ankush Mehta, an angel investor, who has invested $145k in May 2016 as seed capital in Prescribez™, this transaction was facilitated by Khushru Minocherhomji. The funds raised will be used for product development and marketing.

Prescribez™is available for download in Pune on all Android platform for free.

About ThingsMeet Solutions:

ThingMeet Solutions is a tech-startup from Pune founded & conceptualized by Neeraj Joshi, Manish Bandil, Cherag Mehta and Jayant Kaduskar. With more than two decades of experience in healthcare and technology, the founders have deep passion to use technology, to help people manage their health better. With a firm belief in digital technology and internet of things, the founders aim to change the way healthcare is delivered and experienced by people.

The company identifies problems in healthcare segment and develop products as solutions to expand access to care, enhance quality and improve health outcomes. ThingsMeet Solutions plans three offerings over the next 2 years with PrescribezTMa consumer centric healthcare app being the first one.

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