Take the pledge to #DitchYourKeys this Earth Day


By K Ashwin Mobile:00919920183006 Email:indianshowbusiness@gmail.com

From paperless receipts to encouraging people to leave their cars at home, Uber Mumbai has been working towards being the sustainable alternative transportation option that is reliable, hassle-free and affordable.On Earth day today, we’re asking you to #DitchYourKeys, split fare and travel eco-friendly. You’ll save yourself the stress of driving in the city, fighting for parking and a lot of ‘chai-paani’. But over and above all of this, you’ll save hard earned money.

Owning a car is more expensive than riding with Uber. Here, do the math for yourself: https://newsroom.uber.com/india/take-the-pledge-to-ditchyourkeys-this-earth-day/

Go ahead. Pledge to #DitchYourKeys and tell your friends.

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